3 Reasons Why Tyndale University is Toronto’s Best Kept Secret

Worried that attending a smaller school will leave you with perpetual FOMO? Think again. Tyndale University is proof that bigger isn’t always better. With its small class sizes, attentive professors and unique extracurriculars, this liberal arts school has a lot to offer students looking for a faith-based university experience.

Here are three reasons why Tyndale University is a great choice for students looking for an amazing undergrad experience, without all the hustle and bustle that comes with attending a larger school.


1. It’s easy to get to know your classmates and your profs

For a lot of students, going from a small high school classroom with twenty or so students to a massive lecture hall packed with hundreds of people can be pretty intimidating. Fortunately, at Tyndale, you won’t have to worry too much about this because the average class size is 22 students.

“Tyndale is amazing because of its size,” says one current full-time student. “It’s large enough that many courses are offered and you have a large variety to choose from, but small enough that you know your classmates, you know your profs (and they know you!) and there are always opportunities to grow or improve or receive help.”

Adds another current full-time student: “Tyndale is a great environment to study in because most people (students as well as faculty) are open to connecting and sharing.”

Plus, if you decide to live in residence, you’ll have even more opportunities to get to know your peers. There are structured events, like Tuesday night hall events and All-Rez events but also spontaneous get-togethers like student-led bible studies or a game of pool in the games room.

At Tyndale, there are tons of opportunities to develop great friendships, while being a part of a community you can call home.


2. Your profs really care about your success

Not everybody knows exactly what they want to do when they get to university, and that’s okay. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why every Tyndale student is assigned a faculty advisor. There are so many academic opportunities available to Tyndale students that it can be overwhelming at first.

Your faculty advisor will help you navigate the various academic policies and offer advice about choosing your major and taking the right courses. They can also help you think through career possibilities and life after university.

“Every prof at Tyndale truly cares about the students,” says one current full-time student. “They become less of a teacher and more of a mentor.”

And that statement doesn’t just apply to the faculty, but to the alumni community as well. Says one current full-time student: “Tyndale alumni and current professors are well connected in their respective communities and they will provide you with guidance. They are approachable and office hours are sufficient to accommodate students who have questions.”


3. You can try out some pretty unique extracurricular activities

Most first-year students are still discovering their gifts and passions, which is why extracurriculars are such an important part of the student experience. While Tyndale may be on the smaller side with just over 1,600 students, it still has a lot to offer both inside and outside of the classroom.

For instance, this year, Tyndale University College students currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or non-modular Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE) program, are invited to the “U Getaway” at Muskoka Bible Centre (MBC) in September.

Described as the “perfect early term break”, this three-day retreat gives students the chance to get away from the city for a little while, enjoy the natural beauty of the Muskoka’s, and meet some new friends while they’re at it.  

For rez students, the RD Dodgeball Challenge is a long-held Tyndale tradition. Every year, each dorm challenges the other until there is only one left standing. It’s a great way to let off some steam, work as a team, and connect with your residence community.

“There are a variety of ways to get involved either through clubs, such as the Social Justice Club, or varsity and intramural sports,” says one current full-time student. “There are many ways to get involved at school and your fellow peers and upper years will encourage you to step out and explore all the clubs and teams Tyndale has to offer.”

Says another: “There is always a fun, energetic, and friendly vibe at Tyndale. Everyone has a place and we all make sure everyone feels included. There is a large amount of ethnic/cultural/international diversity. There are always multiple fun events happening every month for students to participate in and build relationships.”

As you can see, this small school packs a big punch when it comes to offering a well-rounded student experience. From the academics to the extra-curriculars, Tyndale has everything you’re looking for in a faith-based university.

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