5 Canadian Artists Trending on Campus

From Beiber to Drake to Deadmau5, Canadians are on top of the charts on almost every genre. For a country our size, we should be proud of our incredible artists and their success beyond our borders. Music is a big part of our country, and much of it starts at college and university campus.

The Tragically Hip started off playing gigs around Kingston with frequent performances on campus bars; Matthew Good Band began at Simon Fraser University; Great Big Sea at Memorial University of Newfoundland; and so on.

But not all aspiring artists physically start out on campus. Nowadays, they don’t have to be. They are on student’s Spotify playlists, Soundcloud likes, and MySpace profiles (no, wait that’s not right).

We took some time surveying students to uncover the four up-and-coming artists students are jamming to on Canadian campuses right now.

Electronic: Tep No

Who would’ve thought such summer, chill vibes could originate from the true north. Hailing from Toronto and a graduate of McMaster University (Masters in French) Tep No has a certain je ne sais quoi about his style. He’s put out jam after jam, from Who We Are, to Toluca Lake, to The Best Crew, crafting the perfect balance between upbeat study music and pre-night out social tunes. His music is original, smooth, and puts your mind in that perfect state we should all be in more often. Yes to more Tep No si vous plait.

Country: Brett Kissel

Brett’s an award-winning country music singer based out of northeastern Alberta. He released his first album at the age of 12, and hasn’t stopped since. His latest album, We Were That Song, dropped last year and now he’s doing his second tour for the album, all across Canada and the US — from Meaford, Ontario (which is already sold out) to two shows in Humboldt, Saskatchewan (one already has sold out).

Pop: Dan Talevski

Move over Beiber, the next Canadian pop king is in town. How this guy isn’t already a massive global artist is puzzling, dare we say it’s knocked us off our feet. If you haven’t heard his High Times album, you’ll be jamming to it from start to finish. His new song, The Wire, was released in June of this year and it’s a track. You will see this song continue to gain momentum, and we think 2019 is the year of Dan.

Hip Hop: Shan Vincent de Paul

Shan was born in Sri Lanka and fled the country during the civil war, gaining refugee status in Canada. He is part of Toronto-based artist collective, sideways which includes Coleman Hell, La+ch, and Michah. You feel his emotion and creative energy in his music, from Stand By Me to Fight for Us, rap fans and non-rap fans alike will absorb the true, genuine nature of his music. He’s a superstar in the making.

Indie: Jocelyn Alice

Want to make the skin on your back shiver, listen to Jocelyn Alice’s powerful, fierce vocal magic. She first was noticed upon release of her 2015 single Jackpot. Since then, she’s released those special songs that make you want to hit the repeat button: from I Know to Bound to You. She is an absolute amazing talent, someone who needs to be seen live so you can feel her heartfelt lyrics and amicable style in 3D.

Joel Nicholson

Joel Nicholson

Joel Nicholson is the Co-founder of CampusRankings and the Founder of Admissions Ally (www.admissionsally.ca), which offers admissions bootcamps for ambitious university applicants.