5 Reasons Why Nipissing University Should be at the Top of Your ‘To-Apply’ List

When it comes to major life decisions, picking a university is pretty up there. After all, this is the place where you will spend the next four (or more) years of your life, learning valuable skills that will lead you to your future career. No pressure right?

Fortunately, Nipissing University makes the choice easy by offering exceptional student services and academic opportunities from the minute you arrive on campus to long after you walk across the graduation stage. In fact, they are so committed to their students’ success, they made a promise: if new grads haven’t found a job in their field within six months of graduating, Nipissing will provide one year of tuition-free university study.

However, there’s a lot more to like about this Northern Ontario school than free classes. Here are five reasons why you belong at Nipissing University.


1. They have one of the highest graduate employment rates in the province

Going to university isn’t just about preparing you for a career, but choosing the right institution and program can certainly impact your options post-graduation. If securing a job in your field is high on your priority list, you will be happy to learn that Nipissing’s employment rates are beating the Ontario average. 90.8 percent of Nipissing students find employment within six months of graduating and 95.7 percent of students find work within two years. And if they don’t find work in their career-related field? Nipissing will bring them back for a year, tuition-free, to bolster their skills. For instance, if a fine arts students can’t find a job, they can come back for business courses to diversify their skillset and become more marketable.


2. They will literally pay you to visit their campus

Located in North Bay, Ontario, Nipissing University has one of those idyllic campuses that you really need to see to believe. There are endless trails to explore right behind the campus leading up to the breathtaking Duchesnay Falls, which is a must-see! The university even has snowshoes that students can rent out in the winter.

Still, planning a visit can be costly, whether you drive or fly in to check out the campus. Fortunately, Nipissing has a bursary program for prospective students who have to make a long trek to see the school. If you’re eligible, you could receive up to $100 towards your trip to North Bay.


3. They have amazing scholarships and bursaries

Let’s face it: university tuition is expensive. Which is why Nipissing University offers a wide range of financial aid programs to help you cover the costs of your post-secondary education. For example, Nipissing offers free tuition for first-year students coming in with an average of 90 percent or higher. That’s right – free. From scholarships and need-based awards to bursaries and work-study programs, Nipissing makes it easy to find funding options that are specific to you and your needs.


4. Their small, interactive classes mean you’re more than just a number

Sitting in a lecture hall with over 300 students can be stressful, which is why Nipissing’s small class sizes are a major plus. The average class has around 29 students, which makes it easier to connect with your peers in order to share your opinions and ask questions. It also gives you more of an opportunity to build relationships with your professors, which can be helpful while you’re in school and later on when you’re applying for jobs and internships.


5. You get to be a part of a tight-knit campus community

With slightly more than 3,000 full-time undergrads and plenty of events and programming for new students, this small community bonds quickly. For instance, during Frosh Week, new students can race through an inflatable obstacle course, team up with new friends to compete in the Amazing Race, and fundraise for Shinerama to support cystic fibrosis research. If you live in residence, you’ll find incredible support and programming throughout the year, from potlucks to formals and therapy dog visits during exam times. Plus, Nipissing offers countless extracurricular activities, clubs and sports teams where you can hang out (or nerd out) with other students who share your interests.

Nipissing University’s unofficial motto is ‘a small school with big benefits’, and it’s clear to see why. Nipissing offers all of the best features of a bigger school, in a smaller, more interactive setting so you won’t feel lost in the shuffle. Plus, with programs like the Nipissing Promise, it’s clear that this is a university that truly stands behind its students.

NU Promise

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