5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tyndale University College

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We learned about Tyndale University College after its students rated it a Top 10 school across 16 categories in this year’s CampusRankings results.

Researching schools can be overwhelming, so we put together a list of the 5 most important things you should know about Tyndale University College to see if it’s the right fit for you.

1. It’s One of Canada’s Friendliest Places to Study

We surveyed over 40,000 Canadian postsecondary students and alumni about their schools, and Tyndale University College landed a #2 ranking for its Friendliest Students.

As one current student describes it, “there is always a fun, energetic, and friendly vibe at Tyndale. Everyone has a place and we all make sure everyone feels included.”

This might be the case because Tyndale’s classes are small on average (22 students), and everyone gets to know each other. It could also be because the school is an incredible mecca for diversity. At this school, you’ll find people from over 60 ethnic backgrounds and 40 religious denominations.

2. Getting Leadership Opportunities is Easy

As one student says, Tyndale is “highly involved with the surrounding community, so great networking opportunities also exist.”

The school is partnered with some pretty incredible organizations, to make giving back to your community an amazing experience.

Locally, there are ties with Habitat for Humanity, Yonge Street Mission, Youth Unlimited, and a few more organizations. And if that’s too close to home for you, Tyndale also helps students organize missions to India, Japan, Alaska, and the Dominican Republic.

3. It’s Incredibly Good Value

Students have rated Tyndale the #4 Best Value-for-dollar school in the country. Quality of education aside, Tyndale also offers students incredibly generous financial aid.

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For instance, if you’re entering postsecondary with a 90% average or higher, you get a renewable $5,000 scholarship. And anyone can enter for a chance to win yet another free $6,000 in tuition here.

4. Teachers Are Top Of Their Class

Tyndale’s teachers have been rated Top 10 most approachable by their students. This could be due to the small class sizes at Tyndale, or because over 85% of Tyndale teachers have doctorate degrees, meaning they’re experts in their field.

When you have a wealth of knowledge, and you want to share it with the people around you, you’re likely going to be approachable.

One student has even admitted to us that Tyndale’s faculty are their favourite part about the school, explaining, “most professors at Tyndale have their doctorate degree and extensive experience in their field, [which] makes for a great learning experience.”

5. Its Teachers’ Program is Only 16 Months

Tyndale offers aspiring teachers a 16-month program, which leads to accreditation by the Ontario Teachers College, and have teachables in English, French as a second language, geography, history, math, music, or general sciences.

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Dana Iskoldski

Dana Iskoldski

Dana Iskoldski is the Editor-At-Large at Student Life Network. Also CGP (Chief Guinea Pig) in her search for brilliant career advice.