Where Are They Now? We Followed Up With 7 Successful Eastern College Grads

Making the decision to pursue an Eastern College education is a huge step. However, it’s only natural to be curious about what life could hold for you after graduation. What better way to learn about it than to read the inspiring stories of individuals who walked the same path?

Whether you’re a current student or aspiring to be, reading about the great strides Eastern alumni are making can often be the helpful push you need to make a positive change in your own life. Read on to see how seven Eastern College graduates are on their way to successful careers in their chosen fields.

1. Shavin S., Business Administration

Shavin attended Eastern College for Business Administration, a 62-week program that equips its students with valuable management and accounting skills. The business faculty boasts a 91% placement rate for its grads. In particular, this program prepares students for office coordinator and bookkeeping positions post-graduation.

“My experience at Eastern College was amazing. The teachers were knowledgeable and friendly and the atmosphere was inviting,” says Shavin. “I loved it!”

2. Dale L., IT Systems Administrator

Dale is one of the many Eastern College IT Systems Administrator grads happily working in his field. Considering the large role computer systems play in businesses of all sizes, the program is a great choice for those who are looking for a rewarding career in the technology sector.

Not only did the program train him to configure computer and network technologies and manage IT-related projects, Eastern College’s small and interactive class settings meant he also had a great time learning these essential skills. “The faculty and staff are very friendly. My teachers were awesome. I had an amazing experience and I’d go back in a heartbeat,” says Dale.

3. Jessica L., Massage Therapy

It’s clear that Eastern College’s Massage Therapy program is not just a popular program–it’s also an increasingly in-demand specialty as more and more people turn to natural remedies to take care of their physical health. Look no further than its high enrollment and high employment rates for proof. In this program, students learn both technical massage techniques and business skills to help prepare them for their future careers.

For new graduate Jessica, the program was the right choice to prepare her for her massage therapy career. “I learned so much and was given helpful hands-on training with the guidance of skilled therapists,” says Jessica. “I would recommend this course specifically for anyone pursuing the Massage Therapist career.”

4. Gloria S., Personal Support Worker

Looking to start a career in Healthcare as soon as possible? Then Eastern College’s Personal Support worker program should definitely be on your radar. In fact, most Personal Support Worker students are hired before they even graduate. Employers recognize that these students are leaving with the experience and education to launch a rewarding career. This is largely thanks to the program’s nine-week field placement and comprehensive technical courses.

“I love working as a Personal Support Worker,” says Gloria, who is currently employed full-time at the Oro Moncto Special Care Home. “I love the daily interaction with the residents, as well as the hands-on experience that I received as a student at Eastern College. It made me feel confident and very well-prepared to enter the workforce.”

5. Amber M., Supply Chain and Logistics

With the rise of global technological developments, the supply chain industry has exploded in recent years. Boasting one of the highest employment rates of all Eastern College’s faculties, supply chain grads are in high-demand. Post-graduation, they may find themselves in roles like Logistic Coordinator, Purchasing Agent, Operations Manager, Account Coordinator, and Supply Chain Analyst.

For former student Amber, Eastern College gave her the skills and experience she needed to successfully transition into a new industry and launch her career. “Eastern College was a huge opportunity for me, not only to change my career path but to prove to myself that I was capable,” says Amber. “The Supply Chain and Logistics program is awesome, I highly recommend it. I have learned so much!”

6. Courtney B., Interior Decorating

For those with a flair for design, Eastern College’s interior decorating program is a natural draw. The program’s combined focus on technical training and career planning ensures that students can hit the ground running after graduating.

Just take it from new Eastern College alumnus Courtney: “My time at Eastern College was made especially great by my amazing instructor, as well as the many other helpful advisors and classmates,” she says. “My program provided me with the knowledge and expertise to excel at my new career–which I landed only a few weeks after my graduation, yay! I will always be thankful for my time there and for the opportunity to learn what I’ve always been passionate about!”

7. Serena P., Makeup Artistry and Design

If you’ve ever dreamed of doing special effects for blockbuster movies, or helping clients look their best on their special days, Eastern College’s Makeup Artistry and Design program can help turn that into reality. Students in this program learn how to craft fashion looks, use special effects makeup, and market their services to land their ideal gig–all in a supportive and friendly learning environment.

“The Makeup and Artistry program is beyond anything I ever imagined. Our instructor was so knowledgeable and generous,” says Eastern College graduate Serena. “I was excited to go to school every day. I loved the setting in the classroom because we all got to interact with one another.”

While your time at Eastern College can be a great period of learning and growth, what comes next can be even more exciting. Once you have the necessary tools and experience, you can go out into the world and apply your skills to whatever rewarding career path you choose – just like these seven alumni and thousands of others.

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