I’ve Just Been Accepted to University — Now What?!

Three things every student should do once they’ve heard the good news

I remember the exact moment I was accepted into university — it’s one of my most distinct memories.

I wanted to get into that program SO BAD, and I sacrificed a lot that year. I missed friends’ parties, I quit playing hockey competitively, and I even started going to the library (although my Dad didn’t believe this one).

But then I got waitlisted for my program, so instead of keeping my hopes up, I decided to fully prepare myself to attend my second-choice school. I visited the campus, chose my courses, and even met my prospective roommate.

Then, I got the call that changed my life.

“Hi, is this Joel?”

“Uh, Yes…”

“A spot has opened up in the program. Would you still like to come?”

“Uh, YES!!!”

It was one of the best feelings in the world. All the hours that I dedicated, and every sacrifice I made became entirely worthwhile.

First things first, let it sink in, and give yourself a pat on the back for what you’ve achieved. It’s been a tough year of soul-searching, stress, and hard-work. So really, take a moment, sit back, and smile.

Once that moment passes, you might feel a bit of a “now what?!” instance.

Don’t worry. I experienced the exact same thing. So, let me help you through it.

Here are three things every student should do once they’ve been #Accepted to their university.

#1. Call the people who mean something to you

Note how I very specifically didn’t say text. No. Don’t text. Call. Pick up the phone, and dial the three people who will share the same feeling of elation for this piece of news.

For me, this was my sister, my parents, and my guidance counsellor. Each person was monumental in helping me achieve my goal, and I let them know this.

Don’t let them find out through alongside everyone else on Instagram or Facebook. Let them be the first. They deserve it for believing in you.

#2. Post the perfect photo

Alright, you’ve held out sharing the news for long enough, so now is the time to post away.

But what do you post? Your acceptance email? That’s a bit boring to look at…

A picture of you looking excited? People might miss the point…

Don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted. Go to uhub.ca/accepted (if you haven’t already) and you can create your own unique #Accepted photo. Then, share with all your friends on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thank the kind folks at CIBC for helping us put this together!

#3. Get the gear

You’ve told your tribe, you’ve posted to friends, now the only thing left to do is rock the outfit from your future school. Schools usually sell their gear through the campus bookstore. So find the website, and browse away. Here’s Western University’s site, for example.

If you don’t find anything you like, you might have to dig a bit deeper. There’s typically a club on campus who have taken school gear into their own hands. Oil Thigh Designs at Queen’s University is a perfect example. Ask around and you’ll find it.

But choose wisely. You want your item to be visible, and to make a statement. Usually a crew neck sweatshirt is a good shout, with big, bold lettering and colours.

So that’s it. Three things to do post-acceptance news. Enjoy and stay tuned for more blogs about transitioning to university. If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up to the Student Life Network’s Accepted contest — you could win $10,000 and we’ll send you relevant insights to help you navigate the transition to university.

Joel Nicholson

Joel Nicholson

Joel Nicholson is the Co-founder and Managing Director of CampusRankings—Canada's #1 platform for student rankings, reviews, and admissions support. He writes about topics relating to education, or food reviews on Yelp.

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