This University Pays You + Your Squad To Visit Their Campus

Itching to take a road trip this fall? Algoma University will pay you to tour its campus, and the surrounding region. Book your tour here.

Algoma University is offering to pay for your trip to tour their campus this year. This includes cost of travel and accommodations, while you explore the school and its stunning surroundings. Seriously.

What they’re offering:

. 1-2 nights free stay in a hotel in Sault Ste. Marie 🌙
. If you bus, a 100% reimbursement on your ticket 🚌
. If you drive, a $50-$100 gas card 🚗
. If you fly, a 50% reimbursement on your ticket ✈️

We interviewed Meaghan Kent from Algoma U to find out how most students organize their university-funded campus tours. This is the not-so-scientifically-proven best way to do it.

Step 1: Assemble The Squad… Or Your Mom & Dad

Depending on where you live, Algoma U’s hometown of Sault Ste. Marie (pronounced ‘Soo Ste. Marie,’ by the way), is at least a fun road trip away.

If your parents insist on being part of your squad (they never stop thinking you’re their baby), that’s cool. The ‘rents are more than welcome to join.

But if it’s just you and your friends, your parents can stay relaxed knowing ‘The Soo’ is designated one of Canada’s only six internationally safe communities by the World Health Organization. It’s an accessible, safe place to dip your toes into travel for the first time.

Tip: Pitch this as a safe, academically-inclined, first-foray into parentless travel. You’re almost an adult already, anyway. Or just bring them along!

Step 2: Book A Campus Tour @ Algoma University

Screenshot Of Algoma U's Schedule A Visit Page

Kent recommends booking your tour at least a week in advance, though the university is pretty flexible about accommodating for your visit.

“Our students are never a number at Algoma, and you’ll see that on your tour,” explains Kent. While here, you’ll get to check out Algoma’s gorgeous residences, athletics facilities, cafeteria-lounge, library, and anything else that catches your eye.

You’ll also get to meet students, sit in on lectures, and even chat with faculty and varsity coaches from programs you’re pining for. Not to mention, you have an automatic invite to join any campus events happening during your stay (think: homecoming, sports games, karaoke nights).

Fill out your tour-booking form right here to start planning the trip (takes about a minute).

Step 3: Discover the ‘Soo’

Algoma University surroundings.

“After meeting with faculty and exploring campus, students are free to do as they please,” says Kent. “We always recommend students check out the scenery, since that’s what Sault Ste. Marie is best known for.”

You can hike and canoe in the fall and summer, or snowshoe and ski in The Soo during winter. Take in the gorgeous waterfall at Hiawatha Highlands, and stroll along the canal-side boardwalk by the St Mary’s River. It’s totally up to you.

“If you’re able to join us on campus in the fall months, we recommend going for a drive and seeing the fall colours in their annual display. You won’t be disappointed,” advises Meaghan as a final point.

P.S. Want Free Tuition At Algoma U?

Enter here to win $6,000 in tuition towards an education at Algoma U–might help if you decide to study there after all.

Dana Iskoldski

Dana Iskoldski

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