The Big Move: Moving Out of Calumet Residence

By Marie Chen 

Firstly, I hate moving out.

I dislike the manual labour, the boxes, the mess, the realization that you have way more stuff than you ever thought possible, the guarantee that no matter how many times you check and re-check, something will be left behind. Most of all, I hate the garbage.

I’m talking about the items that once held significance, but are now long forgotten and buried under new possessions. They are the items that stir up memories, reminding you of how much you’ve changed over the year, of your past identities, past thoughts, beliefs, selves.

As the dorm room empties, you remember when you first walked in. It was just a shell of a space before it was filled with your belongings. You remember your anticipation, dreams, and aspirations. All the things that you hoped to accomplish, all the ways you imagined university life would be. You attached that room with all these feelings. And you are acutely aware of all the deviations that reality inevitably took. You might be happy, having done more than you could have ever imagined. You might be disappointed that reality did not play out exactly as you mapped out. Or you might feel nothing because you have no emotional attachment to this room. Especially back in its original state, no longer exclusively yours.

For me, I had no regrets. So many unpredictable events happened. Whether or not I was happy about it at the time, they all added to my experience. They shaped – little by little – who I am today. So, it’s okay that I’m moving.

Goodbye Calumet.

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