Suffering From Wanderlust? This Is The High School For You

Win a term of study abroad in either Florence or across Europe. Contest valued at $12,500, and closes Jan 31st 2018. Enter today.

If you could design your dream high school, what would it look like?

For many of us, the answer might be getting the chance to explore the world while you study. Imagine taking ENG4U as you sip tea at Oxford, or getting introduced to the finer points of Biology while studying the Great Barrier Reef.

For Blyth Global High School students, this dream is a reality—and it could be a reality for you too! Until Jan 31st, Blyth Academy is  giving away a free term of study abroad to one lucky student.

Want to learn more? Here’s what a typical school year at Blyth Academy looks like for the lucky students who get to participate in their Global High School. Don’t miss out on your chance to study abroad. Enter to win right now (it takes only two minutes).

Term 1: Western Europe

Oxford • London (day trip) • Barcelona • Rome • Florence (day trip) • Crete • Athens

Your term starts in Oxford, giving you the chance to make day trips across England while you find your footing in the variety of courses offered—and getting first-hand experience in World History (CHW3M) or Classical Civilizations (LVV4U).

Next, head south towards Spain. “In Barcelona, we saw a soccer game, Juventus versus Barcelona,” said Bill Guo, a gr. 12 student who’s currently participating in the Global High School full year program. “I grew up watching soccer, and I never thought I’d actually be able to go see a game because it’s halfway across the world, so it was like a dream come true.”

Then to Italy and Greece to soak up the sun while you explore a variety of historical sites, from the Sagrada Familia to the Vatican, as well as stopping in on the Blyth campus in Florence to meet other students.

Sound like fun? You could win this experience for free (a $12,500 value). Enter before it closes.

Term 2: Asia

Beijing • Siem Reap • Luang Prabang • Chiang Rai • Ko Lanta • Ayutthaya

Term two kicks off in Beijing. Imagine studying International Business Fundamentals (BBB4M) in today’s most prominent global economy. Get to experience key historical sites like the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square, while bonding with your classmates.

“I am still friends with the amazing people I met on this trip,” said Isabel Harder, who attended Blyth’s summer program in 2017 and will be attending Blyth Academy Florence this year.

Next, take a break from the bustling metropolis, and head to the luscious green jungles of Cambodia and Thailand. Explore their incredible temples, getting hands-on experience while studying World Cultures (HSC4M).

Term 3: Australia & New Zealand

Sydney • Whitsunday Coast • Great Barrier Reef (day excursion) • Brisbane • Queenstown • Rotorua • Auckland

Dive into the semester in Australia’s capital city, Sydney. Study Physics and Biology (SPH3/4U SBI3/4U) as you surf through waves in Bondi and dive through coral Surf at the Great Barrier Reef.

Next, head across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand. In Queenstown, nicknamed the “Adventure Capital of the World’, get the chance for incredible outdoor adventures, including bungee jumping and skydiving, or simply enjoy the sunshine and swimming if you’re less of a daredevil.

Finish off the term in Auckland, capital of New Zealand, with hiking and other outdoor experiences—just in time to get all the sheep to model for your Photography class (AWQ3M or AWQ4M).

Term 4: Central & South America

León • Granada • Ometepe Island • San Juan del Sur • Monteverde • Arenal • Guanacaste Coast • Lima • Sacred Valley • Cusco

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Finish the school year with a bang as you head off to Nicaragua. Travel through the city of Granada while shopping at local markets and exploring the surrounding islands, such as the natural paradise of Ometepe Island.

Then, head south to Costa Rica and journey through the volcanic rainforest landscape—with the chance to stop by natural reserves and explore the forest at night—as well as getting the chance to unwind in the area’s famous hot springs. This is the perfect place to study World Issues: A Geographic Analysis (CGW4U)

Finally, let your travels come to an end at Cusco, the former capital of the Incan Empire, as you trek through the trees towards Machu Picchu and discuss aspects of your World Cultures (HSC4M) class.

Start your year abroad in 2018

“I had a spectacular experience on my Blyth Summers programs. I cannot say enough good about Blyth Academy, and am so excited to begin school at Blyth Academy Florence next month,” said Isabel.

Interested in participating in Blyth’s programs yourself? You’re in luck! To win a free school term of their Global High School starting in September 2018, all you have to do is post a photo that depicts your love of travel, and fill out the form here.

But hurry: it’s only open until January 31st. Don’t miss out the chance of a lifetime.

P.S.: Blyth also has opportunities to study in Qatar, Washington, and Beijing. They also have fantastic March Break and Summer programs in over 30 countries. Visit for more details.

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