Canada’s Most Recommended University Isn’t What You Think

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We’ve come across a whole lot of students over the years, and never have we heard anything bad about only one school: Bishop’s.

Located in the bilingual community of Lennoxville, Quebec (about 1.5 hours southeast of Montreal) this small English-language university offers its students an undergraduate university experience that’s pretty unique – and incredibly well-liked.

We surveyed 40,000 students from 137 schools across Canada, and Bishop’s University nabbed the top spot in our “Most Recommended” category. In other words, students from Bishop’s are the most likely to recommend their school to other students compared to every other school on our list.

Now, you might also be wondering how we arrived at this result. For our survey, we use a format called the Net Promoter Score and asked students to measure their likelihood of recommending a particular school to their friends and family on a scale of 1 to 10. We received over 100 responses from students and recent alumni and Bishop’s was the only university in Canada that received an average score of over 9 out of 10.

Naturally, this made us want to learn more about Bishop’s. Why is it so well-liked? What does this school do better than any other one in the country?

Well, we did a little digging and this is what we found.

1. The school spirit is in full force.

From your very first day on campus, Bishop’s students become a part of #GaiterNation. While cheering on your favourite BU sports team in favourite purple swag is a big part of the campus experience, Bishop’s has over 100 clubs, teams, and student organizations that cater to a wide range of interests.

As one student describes, “There are clubs and teams for everything you can think of and it is extremely easy to get involved.” Plus, if you don’t find any activity you like, it’s pretty easy to start a group of your own.

2. This is one tight-knit community

With only 2,600 full-time students, you never feel like just a number. The smaller campus size and emphasis on residence life makes it easier to connect with your fellow classmates and build long-lasting relationships with your peers.

This community feeling doesn’t end after graduation. The smaller size also means there’s a smaller pool of Bishop’s alumni to engage with, but this doesn’t put students at a disadvantage. In fact, it makes the connections you make through Bishop’s all the more valuable.

Says one current student: “I would choose Bishop’s a million times over. At Bishop’s you don’t just get a degree, you become a part of a community.”

3. Less faceless lectures, more facetime with your profs.

At other universities, first-year classes can have upwards of 500 students. In classes this huge, it can be hard to build genuine connections with your professors, even with after-class office hours sessions.

At Bishop’s, the average first-year class has only 36 students with a maximum classroom size of 134. Instead of having hundreds of students frantically typing away on their laptops while their professor lectures, Bishop’s classes are much more conversational. The approach to teaching is focused on building a community where students can feel comfortable sharing their ideas.

“The professors are amazing and will chat or help you with anything so long as you ask,” said one former student. Another had this to say: “The profs are really nice and always available. The class sizes are so small that everyone gets involved. Your professors care about you and want to see you succeed.”

4. The learning opportunities are practically endless.

Bishop’s Study Abroad program was also ranked #1 in our national survey, and it’s easy to see why. Students looking to go on an exchange can choose from over 550 university partners in over 30 countries around the world. There are also a number of scholarships and bursaries available to help you cover your travel costs.

If you’d prefer to stay closer to home, there are plenty of unique learning opportunities right on campus. For example, the Donald Lecture Series brings in speakers of national and international renown, and these events are completely free of charge. Bishop’s also has a unique program called the B.E.S.T. Project Fund that supports students working on special projects that can have a lasting impact on the BU community and the world at large. Through this program, students have been able to travel to the U.K., Mongolia, Madagascar and South Africa to take their studies to the next level.

With its engaged community, numerous extra-curricular activities, community-based teaching methods, and incredible learning opportunities, it’s pretty clear why Bishop’s University tops all the charts. This small university is big on providing a well-rounded university experience that truly sets students up for success.

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