We Found One of Canada’s Best Schools for Getting Undergraduate Research Experience

We’ve never seen a university offer undergrad research opportunities, funding, and support like the University of Windsor. If you’re interested in UWindsor, make sure to enter their $6,000 tuition giveaway

Research experience is no longer limited to aspiring doctors, future professors, and Master’s/PhD students. It’s now sought after by students at the undergraduate level—across all disciplines—just to get a leg up when applying to jobs and graduate schools.

Lab experience allows you to get familiar with the technologies and tools used in the ‘real-world’, and gives you the chance to work on interesting projects outside of the classroom.

That’s why students like Eric Parker chose the University of Windsor, a Canadian university with a track record built on supporting undergraduate student research (and even paying them for their participation in it).

We conducted our own research on UWindsor, and discovered three ways they empower undergrads to discover great ideas through research.

At UWindsor, You Can Get Funding & Support for Your Research

When UWindsor says students should have opportunities in the research world, they mean it.

It’s why the university makes thousands of dollars available to students for research funding, as well as scholarships. For example, students in UWindsor’s Outstanding Scholars program can earn up to $1,600 as paid research assistants (starting at $1,125 in first year, and gradually going up from there).

Students in many faculties can even earn academic credit for volunteer time spent on research outside the classroom. For added support, UWindsor runs a handful of detailed workshops about how to land and excel in research opportunities as a student.
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You Can Also Get Paid Work Experience in Labs

By the time they finish their degrees, students in the UWindsor Outstanding Scholars program might have three to four years of paid research lab experience, compared to simply having “four years of experience mostly writing multiple-choice tests,” explains the university’s chemistry professor, Dr. John Trant.

“It is not very common that undergraduate students can be involved in research to this degree, and Outstanding Scholars has really given me the opportunity to explore many different areas of my field,” says Parker.

The Outstanding Scholars program pairs engineering, science, and arts students directly with professors to collaborate on paid research projects, including cancer research, exercise as treatment for ADHD, devices that help visually impaired, developing new acting exercises, and much more.

At the end of the day, some Outstanding Scholars even end up primary or secondary authors in academic journals thanks to the research they do at UWindsor. This translates into not only industry experience, but real, tangible recognition and an already-started track record of work.

You Can Showcase Your Work at UWindsor’s Undergraduate Research Conference

Each year, UWindsor runs a fantastic undergrad research conference, called UWill Discover, where students present their work to peers, colleagues in the industry, and friends and family.

Previous presentations have touched on real-world problems, like how artificial light affects migrating birds, eating disorders, indigenous cultures, and more. The best projects are awarded a monetary prize.

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Dana Iskoldski

Dana Iskoldski

Dana Iskoldski is the Editor-At-Large at Student Life Network. Also CGP (Chief Guinea Pig) in her search for brilliant career advice.