3 Canadian Schools Top World University Impact Rankings

Canadian schools are making themselves an even better place to be.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, created to promote peace and prosperity, weren’t designed only with governments in mind. A large number of schools are also using them as blueprints to better their own sustainability efforts. And Canadian schools, specifically, are doing a pretty good job.

As per the first-ever University Impact Rankings from Times Higher Education, three Canadian universities ranked in the top 10 for schools making a positive global impact.

This is no small feat! Canadian schools performed well with more than 450 universities from 76 countries participating in the rankings.

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Go Canada!

Speaking of…big congrats to McMaster University (2nd place), University of British Columbia (3rd), and University of Montreal (7th) for all placing in the top 10. Other high-ranking Canadian schools include the University of Waterloo (13th), York University (26th), and the University of Toronto (31st).

On the accomplishment, McMaster president Patrick Deane had this to say, “We need our world to be more sustainable, more diverse, with less poverty and more opportunity. The United Nations SDGs give us a framework that supports these goals and an impetus to focus our collective efforts.”

Making an Impact

They consider eligible universities in broad terms. This is based on their research, outreach, and stewardship. Specifically, rated on factors such as promoting good health, education, gender equality, innovation, sustainable communities, responsible consumption, climate action, and partnerships for achieving goals.

First, universities submit data. Then, their rank is calculated based on their submissions relative to all of the Sustainable Development Goals. Topping the entire list is the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

This is a really encouraging sign of the times. More and more, students are concerned with factors beyond a traditional education when considering schools. Now there’s some serious validation for that approach, as well as some useful rankings to consider.

Connor Briggs-Morris

Connor Briggs-Morris

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