Why You Should Consider Post-Secondary Options ASAP

By Noah Hollingsworth

As much as it seems stressful, complicated and expensive, post-secondary is necessary for many occupations. Whether you’re planning to attend post-secondary or not, understanding if college/university is best for you can help you achieve your aspired career. So, if you strongly believe that post-secondary isn’t for you, or you’ll worry about it later, please keep reading.

Discover a Career That’s Right for You

Ever worry that you have to enter the workforce soon yet have no idea what job to pursue? You’re not alone. Luckily, post-secondary websites and viewbooks offer a ton of information that can help you discover an occupation that aligns with your interests. Try looking at undergraduate programs offered at universities in your area online. You might stumble upon a program that will lead you to a career you will love for the rest of your life.

No idea what programs you’re interested in? Try talking to your high school counsellor. Additionally, visiting provincial career websites such as www.alis.alberta.ca or www.work.bc.ca can be incredibly helpful. Creating an account on https://app.myblueprint.ca/ is also significant, not only to discover programs you’ll fall in love with but it’s an excellent organization tool.  

Aligning High School Classes With Your Future

Probably the most crucial reason to begin looking at post-secondary options as soon as you reach high school. Find out which high school classes you must take to enroll in your desired program. Once you have an idea, look at the course requirements for undergraduate programs. Looking at the requirements gives you a good idea of the high school courses (such as a senior-level biology class for a kinesiology undergraduate) needed for a program. Finding this information earlier can help you stay organized, goal-oriented, and avoid taking additional schooling.

Understanding Post-Secondary Financial Requirements

While it may be worth it later in life, post-secondary can take a substantial hit on your wallet. Knowing tuition and living expenses long before attending post-secondary can help you save. Determine how to obtain funds for post-secondary, such as by creating a savings account or RESP, getting a part-time job, applying for scholarships available to you, or by taking out a student loan. 

Post-secondary can seem daunting and scary. Even navigating the admission websites feels like a step above rocket science. However, following these tips can do more than you think. They can help you obtain your dream job.  

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