Top 6 Canadian Environmental Sciences Programs 

 Are you looking to save the world by dipping into a Canadian Environmental Sciences Program? Not sure how you would do that? Well, environmental science focuses on the importance of understanding the major environmental issues that plague our society. So, we applaud you as there are plenty to choose from! Since we’d like to help you out, we’ve highlighted the top 6 Best Universities for Environmental Sciences ranked by Maclean’s. Are you ready to dive into your future?

University of British Columbia

Still ranked at #1, UBC sits in the top spot for program reputation, research reputation, and fractional publications. Here, you will be based at UBC’s Vancouver campus where you will learn about environmental issues and apply an integrative cross-disciplinary approach for studying these problems. As a student at UBC, you will gain a background in the earth and ocean sciences, physical sciences, and life sciences.

University of Toronto

In 2018, U of T snatched the #2 spot (higher than their #3 spot in 2017). U of T ranked third for research reputation and fractional publications. Additionally, U of T offers three campuses, depending on what you want your degree focused in: life sciences, chemical/physical sciences, and physical/environmental sciences.

McGill University

McGill ranks at #3. This is a hop backward for McGill, which used to sit at #2. If you are committed to environmental issues, McGill’s BSc degree offers students six different majors to choose from. Through this program, students can select one specialization and build a solid foundation of fundamental and applied sciences. 

University of Alberta

U of A remains in the same #4 spot as last year. You can tailor your degree and interests by choosing one of seven majors offered. With this four-year degree program, you can leave your mark on the environment by developing solutions for environmental issues. Not to mention, you can participate in a 3-week field school where every day is spent outside, so you can learn everything hands-on. 

University of Waterloo

Even though Waterloo continues to stay at #5, its program reputation is tied for first place with UBC. As Waterloo says, “Get a science degree. Save the planet.” 

Waterloo offers opportunities for its students to hone their hands-on skills with a ton of upper-year field courses. Be part of one of Canada’s top environmental science programs (QS Rankings 2018). Additionally, students graduate with the necessary scientific knowledge and expertise needed to help build a more sustainable world for the rest of us!

University of Guelph 

Lastly, the University of Guelph shifted up a notch to #6 on the Maclean’s ranking for Environmental Sciences programs in Canada. Due to Guelph being tied for third with U of T because of its high research reputation, it’s obvious that the right tools are available to help students get ahead. ESSE (Environmental Sciences Student Executive) offers to enrich student learning experiences with resources and social events. Not to mention, students can choose to complement their classroom learning with an optional internship or co-op, or consider studying abroad!

In the end, there are plenty of incredible environmental sciences programs to choose from. Dig deeper to determine what area of environmental sciences appeals to you most and find the university that will lead you in that direction!

Christine Rees

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