Congratulations to Future 15 Selectee, Jamison Franco

Our mission at CampusRankings is to empower students to make a significant impact in the world. CampusRankings’ Future 15 award is recognizing 15 extraordinary Grade 12 students across Canada, who are already well on their way to impacting positive change in their schools, communities, and beyond.

From entrepreneurs to athletes, we have selected an incredible group of students. When selecting these students, we looked at factors such as grades, involvement in extra-curriculars, impact on their school and community, and their entrepreneurial spirit.

This is Jamison’s Story

Jamison Franco is a shining example of how to use challenges to grow and excel. He is the consummate athlete — he plays soccer “for fun,” but his twin passions are cricket and basketball. Challenging though it may be to maintain his skill in each sport, Jamison is dedicated to using lessons learned on the basketball court to help him excel on the cricket pitch and vice versa.

Jamison’s coaches and teammates recognize him as coachable, dedicated and highly intelligent. Jamison says “My attitude for sport in general has been to treat every ball as a new ball, every shot as a new shot, and every game as a new game. You can not expect success to come easy.”  Jamison credits his older brother Trenton for teaching him these sport philosophies, and believes that his teammates and his brother are the reasons for his recent athletic accomplishments. His love for basketball was passed down from his mother and his love of cricket was passed down from his father. Clearly Jamison has strong family ties that inspire and motivate him on and off the field.

In junior high school, Jamison realized that some areas of learning were a challenge for him and sought assistance. Through diligence, commitment and self-advocacy Jamison gained much ground academically, taking himself from a C+ average to an A. While it has not been easy, patience and his work ethic were what carried him to overall academic success, which in turn has opened the door for some exciting post-secondary education choices.

“These challenges have done nothing but make me work harder”, this is evident as Jamison was named 2016 AA Provincial All – Star Team in basketball, 2016 AA Provincial Commissioners 11’ in soccer, BC Under-17 and Under-19 Cricket Captain, Best Bowler and Best Bowling performance in 2013 National Schools Cricket Tournament.

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