Residence Assignment: The Truth About All Girls Residence

By Uschi E 

When I first sent out post-secondary applications, the world was my oyster. Not only would I be moving away from my hometown of Toronto, but I would be leaving my parents, younger very annoying brother, two cats, dog, and a cramped, ever-changing home. I was ecstatic about living on my own in a new environment and thought any change would be an improvement. But I never really considered an all girls residence.

I was accepted into my dream university, the perfect distance away from Toronto. Close enough for my parents to drive me back after the holidays. Still, far enough to use it as an excuse for my few and far between visits. But I wanted a single room in a co-ed building on the main campus. I felt that it would give me my privacy without being too far from other students. I did not care about which building I got. Basically, I’d be just fine wherever I was placed as long as there was a good mix of students I could interact with.


The residence assignment day finally comes!

Do I get a sink in my room? A shared bathroom? Direct access to one of the cafeterias? I stopped asking questions when I saw my building, it popped off the page, and I swore I heard evil cackling coming from my speakers: All Girls Residence, Double. I tried to keep my composure as I told my mom and dad, but I was upset. And I heard horror stories of the cattiness, the jealousy, the implied segregation, even the cleanliness of all-girls residences from upper-year students. So, I was terrified.

Move-in day was uneventful. I met my roommate and although we have very different personalities, there’s no evident clash. I felt pretty confident that I would be okay in an all-girls residence. But by the fourth night disaster reared its ugly head. The girls down the hall were screaming at each other through tears. They were not getting along and they parted ways into new single rooms. That night, I knew it would be a very long year.

What I didn’t expect was meeting my soon-to-be best friend away from home. She wasn’t my roommate (we have since drifted apart), but she was in the same program. Do you want to know what all-girls really means? It means we have the nicest dons (cookies are baked, presents are given), the fewest fire alarms, clean bathrooms, and quiet nights to study.

There is certainly something to be said about coming home from a loud party to a quiet, warm residence room and I will never resent my residence experience.

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