IB University Recognition and Admissions in Canada

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is an international educational program that is offered throughout secondary schools around the globe.

The IB diploma program is offered by over 160 schools throughout Canada and it is recognized by over 150 universities in Canada and thousands of universities around the globe that have specific requirements and admission criteria for IB students.

The IB programme is a university preparatory programme as it is designed to prepare students for the challenging coursework in university.

Grade Requirements

Several universities throughout Canada such as University of Toronto, Queen’s University, Western University, and UBC have separate requirements for the IB students. You will have the option of choosing whether to apply with their IB marks or their converted school marks.

You are marked out of 45 points in IB and the grading structure is show below. That is how universities see your grades and they make decisions based on your mark out of 45.

Universities recognize the fact that students in the IB program are faced with a more rigorous and challenging coursework, and so as a result the grade requirements for IB are slightly less difficult. Aside from that the IB diploma can give you an edge over other students when applying to competitive programs such as Queen’s Commerce and McMaster Health Science.

Transfer Credits

IB students in university also have the advantage of transfer credits. In the IB diploma programme you are studying higher level courses which are at the university level. If you are able to achieve the required grade in your higher level courses then you can get transfer credits when you apply to university.

The structure of the IB program, being 3 SL and 3 HL courses in different areas of education can help you develop a well-rounded high school education. The CAS program also provides you with extracurricular activities which can be used on applications for universities.

Transfer credits will allow you to save money and depending on your program you might be able to graduate from programs early. Even if you aren’t getting transfer credits, your first year classes should be relatively easy as you are ahead of most the students and know the material well.

Good Preparation for Universities

The IB program offers good preparation for universities since you are writing similar style essays, and doing coursework that is at the university level. Doing IB gets you used to the amount of work that you get in university and it may be beneficial if you develop good working habits in high school.

By doing the IB diploma you might be eligible to receive some benefits such as scholarships available specifically for IB students, early course registration and a higher chance of receiving early admission offers. Several universities throughout Canada, such as UBC offer some of these benefits.

IB university recognition and admissions is not as advantageous in Canada compared to the United States or the UK. However, there are some benefits that come with being an IB students and the IB diploma can be beneficial for university admissions in most of the universities throughout Canada.

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Joel Nicholson

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