Kris Langille: Canada’s Student of the Week

This week, we’re celebrating Kris Langille as Canada’s Student of the Week. Kris is from New Liskeard, in Northern Ontario, and is very passionate about art, culture, travel, and encouraging others. He’s an outgoing student with strong ambition to do great things in life.

UniversityHub caught up with Kris to find out what inspires his work and how he spends his day-to-day. Learn more about Kris by visiting his student profile page. 

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Tell us about yourself in under 140 characters.

I am a hard working individual who is enjoys making a positive change in others.

Why do you enjoy using (or why should others use it)?

I enjoy using UniversityHub because it gives me insightful information about universities and is a great tool to get tips and assistance from other students in high school and post secondary.


Where do you currently attend school?

Timiskaming District Secondary School, New Liskeard, Ontario

What is your favourite thing about your school?

I enjoy the close connection between peers and students which give a much more personal learning experience.

What do you plan on studying at university and why?

I plan on taking my Bachelors of commerce because I have always had a passion for management and anything business related.

What are you most looking forward to at university?

I am looking forward to spending time learning about my passions, gaining fundamental skills and education to apply to my everyday life. I am excited to grow the independence skills that I will be taking with me for the rest of my life. The endless opportunities that will come from living in such a large city, meeting new friends and the countless characters, all excite me so much to be embarking on this next chapter of my life.

What’s your best study tip or habit you’d like to share?

My best study tip would be, once you finish reading notes, talk about them as much as possible to a friend, classmate or family member. This really helps me remember what I was studying as I really have to understand what I have just read to be able to put it into my own words.

What is one major challenge that you’ve had to overcome at school? How did you overcome it?

My major challenge that I had to overcome was my poor study habits. Before, I would study no more than an hour, if even, before any form of examination, my marks definitely were impacted by my lack of studying. I began studying more and I am so proud of the marks I have been getting and it only motivates me to do better.


What are your main extra-curricular activities?

My main extra-curricular activities would be being creative in any way possible such as photography and art-related projects as well as traveling. Although I’m not frequently traveling all over the place. Visiting new countries and learning about their cultures is a huge passion of mine. I would travel at any given opportunity.

What motivates you to do these activities?

During my year abroad in Italy, I grew this new passion for different cultures. I befriended many people from all over the world and I was always so interested listening to them talk about their cultures and ways of living. I planned many trips to see other countries and cities. I wish to continue traveling throughout my life, forever learning about the world we live in.


What’s your dream job?


What are your hobbies and interests?

Photography, art, traveling, hiking

What music are you grooving to?

The Lumineers, Chance the Rapper and everything that has a good beat.

Favourite movies & TV shows?


Favourite travel destination?

Norway, Iceland or really any Scandinavian country. I love the nature and their lifestyle.

Any upcoming travel plans?


What are three things you can’t live without?

My family, friends, Netflix, and tea

Favourite app right now?


What’s your go-to website (other than UniversityHub)?; a nighttime ritual before I fall asleep.

Who do you look up to?

My siblings
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