Most Beautiful University Campuses in Canada

Canada’s an amazing country, so it comes as no surprise we have some of the world’s most beautiful university campuses. While things like ‘reputation’ and ‘class size’ may be some of the most important attributes High Schoolers look for in their tertiary institution, campus beauty is one of those added bonuses – so we scoured the nation, from east to west, looking for the most beautiful. Look no further, ladies and gentleman, here are the top 5 most beautiful campuses in Canada.


1. University of British Columbia – Vancouver, BC

The University of British Columbia makes an appearance at the top of our list. This one’s a no brainer. And we shouldn’t even have to clarify that we’re talking about the Vancouver campus here. It’s incredible gorgeous – it’s 20 minutes away from downtown Vancouver on this amazing little peninsula. It’s near several beaches and even has views of the North Shore mountains – I mean, can it get any better than this?


2. McGill University – Montreal, Quebec

People say McGill’s downtown campus is the perfect blend between urban and ‘green’, nestled right in between the lush green slopes of Mount Royal and the heart of Montreal’s vibrant downtown core. You’re literally steps away from Canada’s ‘culture capital’, so there’s no need for a bike or car. But dress up because it gets cold in the winter semester!


3. Queen’s University – Kingston, Ontario

Sure Queen’s may not be as metropolitan as McGill’s campus, or as down-right gorgeous as UBC’s, but it sure will make you feel at home. Limestone buildings, gorgeous architecture, and every class within a 15-minute walk – sign me up! I know what you’re thinking… pffff Kingston, Ontario?!? And yeah, it may not have the bar scene of the Montreals of the world, but here’s a fun fact: it’s the most historic city in Canada as the first (very short-lived) capital. And it also has the most restaurants per capita in Canada, and they’re good. Oh and did we mention it’s right on Lake Ontario… yup… and so it Queen’s.

4. University of Toronto – Toronto, Ontario

You can’t get any more central than U of T’s main campus. It’s smack tab in the middle of Canada’s largest city, but still enough away from the hustle and bustle to form its own unique place (sorry, Ryerson). If Canada had to choose its Ivy League campus, this would be it. Its architecture is this cool mix of Romanesque and Gothic – really unique, and very historic. On the plus side, there’s definitely no shortage of green space… and the access to public transpo is unprecedented. But since so many buildings are scattered around the city, some people think U of T blends in too much with Toronto itself, whereas McGill and Queen’s have more of a ‘community within a community’ feel. Still, coming in at number 4 means very good things for this campus.


5. Western University – London, Ontario

Last but not least, we have Western coming in at number 5.  Situated on 155 hectares of land along the banks of the Thames River in London, Ontario – there’s no doubt this place is picturesque. London’s not exactly an exciting city, but because there’s a bunch of extra space around campus, the students tend to start a bunch of cool activities, even snowboarding and skiing on University Hill. It’s a bit further away from downtown then these other campuses (1.5 km), but most amenities are provided around the area.

Joel Nicholson

Joel Nicholson

Joel Nicholson is the Co-founder of CampusRankings and the MatchU™ quiz, making it easy for you to find the right school.

T.Weir says:

Suggest taking a look at University of Saskatchewan

asdf says:

McGuill is not at all as nice as other campus. The campus of the Université Laval in Quebec city is, by far, much nicier. Not only because of the main campus, but also for how beautiful Quebec City is.