Pack Your Bags: Why This University’s Science Program is the Best For Wanderlusters

Got a travel itch that you just can’t wait to scratch? What if we told you could earn credits toward your science degree and see the world at the same time?

You can at the University of Windsor. With their study abroad program, you can gain a global perspective on science and apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to the real world.

Emily Genyn is a current student in the Environmental Studies program at the University of Windsor. While she applied to a few different schools, she chose the University of Windsor because it was close to home and for their multi-disciplinary approach to environmental science. 

“All the environmental programs I had seen were more science-based, whereas this one had a little bit more of that societal connection,” says Emily.

Plus, with her desire to see the world, she was excited about the prospect of bringing her passion for learning and travel together.

“Rather than just sitting in the class and listen to a professor and hearing from their experience, I wanted to get it first-hand,” says Emily about her decision to study abroad.

Emily went on her first trip with the summer before her second year. Her destination? The sunny shores of Costa Rica. On this two week trip she got to travel with the University of Windsor’s Dean of Science.

While in Costa Rica, Emily studied riptides and learned about the hazards they pose to tourists and locals alike.  “We had a lot of fun,” says Emily. “It was really interesting to be working right on a beach and to be able to work with the Dean of Science. You’d never think that you’d get the opportunity to do that.”

This past summer, Emily went on another study abroad trip with the University of Windsor to Iceland. For 10 days, she worked alongside two professors from the Environmental Science department and other science students from other disciplines. The cohort studied the country’s local rocks and glaciers while learning about the role they place in the formation of the country.

Not only did she form closer bonds with her professors, she also got to connect with other UWindsor science students from different disciplines.

It wasn’t all work and no play. Emily says that both trips allowed students enough free time to explore the country and enjoy their time abroad. “I felt like I got so much out of it, even more than I could have expected,” says Emily. “It’s definitely been life-changing for me and it’s shown me how big the world really is and how much there is out there.”

Now, Emily is preparing for her longest study abroad trip yet: a four-month-long exchange in New Zealand. While she’s away, she will be taking some environmental courses and exploring the country and nearby Australia as much as possible.

While choosing to study abroad can be nerve-wracking, Emily is living proof of how much value these opportunities can add to a student’s undergraduate experience. In fact, she’s enjoyed her time abroad so much, she’s even encouraged a few of her friends to go on their own study abroad trips.

For any students who might be on the fence about studying abroad, Emily has three short but powerful words of encouragement: “Just do it.”

“Studying abroad has opened my eyes to how beneficial and exciting it is to learn outside the classroom,” says Emily. “It’s a whole other level of learning.” 

Learn more about UWindsor’s exchange programs

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