3 Tips for Psychology Students Considering Grad School

By David DiBattista

Are you interested in graduate studies in psychology? Here are three suggestions. 

  1. Research

First, you should be sure to obtain some research experience during your undergraduate years. You can obtain this experience by doing an honours thesis (a must!). But also by volunteering to work on a research project being conducted by one of your professors or a graduate student. 

  1. Statistics

Also, work especially hard to get a solid grounding in research methods and statistics. Without this grounding, you will be sure to struggle in grad school. 

  1. A Broad Base

And finally, do not overspecialize as you select your undergraduate courses in psychology. If you want to become a social psychologist, you will be able to specialize in that area in grad school. So do not overload yourself with social psychology courses now, but instead make sure that you get a good broad background in the discipline of psychology. You will never regret having it, I assure you.

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