#PurplePride: Our Favourite Hidden Benefits About Bishop’s University

There’s a lot to love about Bishop’s University. This small Quebec institution consistently ranks among the best in a wide range of categories, from extracurricular activities to its picture-perfect campus.

But there’s even more to this school than meets the eye. For example, did you know that even though Bishop’s is an English-speaking university, first-year Francophone students can submit assignments in French? Or that profs often use innovative teaching methods like “flipping” to better engage their students?

Fortunately for all of you prospective students out there, we have the inside scoop. Here are the four coolest things about Bishop’s University that most incoming first-year don’t even know about.

1. They’re super francophone-friendly.

Bishop’s is unique for a number of reasons, but the fact that it’s an English-speaking school in a French-speaking province tends to get a lot of attention. However, what people might not know is that Bishop’s is home to a growing Francophone student population.

They also offer a lot of support to French-speaking students who might be nervous about their English skills. For instance, if writing papers in English is too overwhelming for first-year students, they can choose to submit their essays in French. Plus, the campus is filled with students from around the world who are more than willing to help.

2. There are tons of resources to help you improve your English language skills.

While studying in an immersive environment can help a lot, Bishop’s also has a variety of services available to students looking to strengthen their English language skills.

For example, the Writing Centre offers free one-on-one consultations to students who need help with written assignments and free workshops on topics like punctuation, writing a research paper, and writing a letter of intent for grad school. They even offer a full writing course for students, EWP099, which helps students work on their skills in small tutorials.

3. Professors are always trying cool, new teaching methods.

Bishop’s often gets rave reviews from students for its small classes. After all, with a student to faculty ratio of 19:1 and an average first-year class of 36, it’s really easy for Bishop’s students to make close connections with their professors and peers.

But another huge benefit of small classrooms is that they give professors the opportunity to be more flexible with their teaching methods and test out new tactics. For example, Bishop’s biology professor Dr. Kerry Hill uses a technique called “flipping” in her class.

In a traditional science classroom, most students come to class knowing basically nothing about the subject of the day, but in Dr. Hull’s class, she gives them something to do before the lecture. This could be anything from watching an animation to completing a pre-class assignment to working through a study guide. Then, when the students come to class, she helps them apply what they’ve learned.

The results? The average mark for her “flipped” class was five per cent higher than for her traditional class, and her students reported feeling that they retained more information and were more prepared for their exams.

4. They’re big on experiential learning.

There are tons of benefits of experiential learning. Gaining hands-on experience prepares students professionally and allows them to “test-drive” a potential career. Students who learn this way also tend to secure post-grad jobs faster than their counterparts, with higher starting salaries to boot.

Bishop’s offers a lot of opportunities for experiential learning like their co-ops and internships, but the program that really caught our attention was their SEED Portfolio course. In this class, students get the chance to manage an actual investment portfolio that includes approximately 30 companies. By giving them the chance to make real decisions with real money, SEED gives Bishop’s business students the tools they need to launch their finance careers.

The more we learn about Bishop’s, the more we see why so many students instantly fall in love with it. From their student services to their innovative teaching methods and cutting-edge courses, no matter your needs or interests, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Bishop’s will have you covered.

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