Here are 5 Reasons To Attend Canada’s Happiest University

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If you’re looking for a university experience unlike any other, you might want to look into Redeemer University College. This small Christian university near Hamilton, ON is more like a family than a university. Students considering a Christian liberal arts education get to join a warm and vibrant community while discovering their calling and strengthening their faith.

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Below, we’ve listed five reasons why you might want to consider Redeemer for your undergrad experience.

Reason #1: They have the happiest students at any Canadian university.

According to our rankings, Redeemer had the #1 Happiest Students at any university in Canada in 2017—definitely something to smile about!

According to one student, “Redeemer is most loved for the friendly and amazing community that it has. The community is accepting, friendly, loving, diverse and genuine. Nothing can beat the amazing loving community and culture Redeemer brings to the students!”

This means that students attending Redeemer genuinely enjoy their university experience, which is a claim to success that many other schools can’t make.

Dorm life is the good life. ✌️

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Reason #2: You’ll strengthen your faith along with your education. 

At Redeemer, you have the opportunity to learn within a faith-based community where your education is supported by professors who understand your worldview.

This is the best university for Christians,” according to this Redeemer student. “You will learn what you need academically and learn more from the people that you go through the journey of university with.”

This applies equally across all programs and faculties. With their Core curriculum, Redeemer provides a broad faith-based perspective for students in all majors to explore the ways in which faith impacts the world today.

Reason #3: You’ll gain a community that you can’t get anywhere else.

One of the main reasons students choose to attend Redeemer is the chance to be part of a community that’s always there for you, in any aspect of their university experience. This may be why Redeemer was ranked #3 for Friendliest Students in Canada.

On-campus life is absolutely fantastic,” says one student. “Dorm life is fun and welcoming, mental health services are abundant and promoted, the sports scene is thriving, and the professors are incredibly approachable and helpful. They’re willing to make time for any student who needs it!”

They were also ranked #4 for Most Involved Students. This could be because their sense of community goes beyond the classroom. There’s a wide variety of activities that you can take part in to give back, allowing Redeemer students to volunteer and reach out to the community outside campus.

This sense of connection doesn’t end when you graduate, either. Redeemer ranked in our top ten for Strongest Alumni Network, meaning that their alumni are ready to support you throughout your time at school and beyond.

Reason #4: Students are individuals, not numbers.

At a close-knit school like Redeemer, you’ll get support the likes of which you wouldn’t see at a larger university. For example, you’ll get some of the best academic counselling throughout your time at school and work with some of the most approachable professors, all because professors and staff truly care about you as more than just a number.

There is no judgement from the staff and faculty. You are always welcome and if you have a problem, they are willing to talk,” says one Redeemer student. “Your fellow students are also willing to talk if you need someone to talk to.”

This could be why, according to the Canadian University Consortium survey, Redeemer students are some of the most satisfied with the concern their school shows for them as a person.

Reason #5: Athletics are a key part of their school spirit.

Just because Redeemer is a small school, you don’t need to be concerned that sports are any less important. They were ranked #4 for Most Athletic Students in 2017, and in the 2015-2016 season, three Redeemer Royals were named CCAA All-Canadians—pretty impressive no matter what size your school is!

This can easily be explained by the devoted attitude that Redeemer takes towards sports. “We have a huge love for our sports, as we do well for being a small school, and have amazing and committed fans,” explains one Redeemer student.

Just like their name suggests, the Redeemer Royals are also committed to ensuring athletes have noble personal goals. They take a holistic approach, where you’re valued as both a student and an athlete for your contributions on and off the field.

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