What Are Canada’s Top 10 Research Universities?

Firstly, Canada has a ton of impressive research universities to choose from! But which schools receive the most sponsored research incomeresearch income growth, and research intensity? Many reputable Canadian universities make up this list, but this article will only reveal the top 10.

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So, what are Canada’s top research universities?

  1. University of Toronto

  2. University of British Columbia

  3. Universite de Montreal

  4. McGill University

  5. University of Alberta

  6. University of Calgary

  7. Universite Laval

  8. McMaster University

  9. University of Ottawa

  10. Western University

Additionally, if you want to learn more about Canada’s research universities, read about Canada’s U15 and how a collective group of universities can positively impact Canada. Or check out Canada’s Best Schools For Getting Undergraduate Research Experience. So, is your university on this list?

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