5 Surprising Reasons Why Students from This School Get Hired Right Away

This school is preparing grads for jobs in their field of study. Discover why so many triOS College students are able to find desired work after graduating.

According to this Government of Ontario survey, in 2010, only 76 per cent of new grads found a job that they went to school to study within six months post-graduation. In that same survey, only 88 per cent of students found full-time employment after graduation in 2014.

So how do you set yourself apart from everyone else? Easy: you do something different.

While most colleges mimic the timing and teaching methods of universities, there are some exceptions. Have you ever considered going to a college where your voice is heard, the class sizes are small, you learn at your own pace, and you’re job-ready to boot?

Probably not! That’s why we’re laying out five reasons why triOS College students get hired out of school fast.


1. triOS students know what they want

triOS graduates get hired because they aren’t rushed—they know exactly what they want out of life.

Flexibility is the key. Classes start every month, so you can take a gap year, switch gears, or even just enjoy a break from school. That’s all without having to wait six-12 months for a new semester when you’re ready to start again.

For example, triOS’s Supply Chain and Logistics (SCL) program is SCAL-certified and includes the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) certification. Its grads also have a 91 per cent success rate for getting hired full-time after graduation.

A SCL program grad, Zana V., says, “Going back to school wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, the staff and instructors were amazing. I had a great time and learned so much. Thank you to everyone who helped me with my journey!”


2. They learn from the best

triOS students get hired because they are trained by professionals.

All triOS instructors provide real-world insight because they’re real-world practitioners who specialize in a specific industry.

Take triOS’s Healthcare department. Across the board, 88 per cent of triOS students in Healthcare get hired full-time after graduation because they’ve trained with real-world professionals.

For instance, if you’re in the massage therapy program, you get trained by expert therapists along with prep for the CMTO (College of Massage Therapists of Ontario) exam. Take Alysha G., for example: “I absolutely love the atmosphere that triOs provides. The students are amazing and the professors are awesome and so knowledgeable and can always relate to the scenarios in the lectures.”


3. They retain their classroom knowledge

triOS graduates get hired because they’ve taken the time to master each subject area.

Students at triOS only take one course at a time, meaning less anxiety, lower stress levels, and more knowledge retained. Instead of worrying about whether you’ll get a good grade or not in four different courses, you can focus on learning as much as you can on just one.

Theresa B., a Personal Support Worker program graduate, credits triOS for her current full-time position at Oro Moncto Special Care Home. “I am so happy I attended this school, the teachers make it their mission to have students graduate. They make learning very interesting and fun, which made me look forward to attending. I have referred triOS to others and speak highly of the school. No other local college holds a candle to triOS. A very memorable experience. Thank you all.”


4. They have placements and work experience

triOS graduates get hired because the school helps match them with a placement to quickly put their new skills to the test.

In fact, this model works so well that  78 per cent of triOS students in law get hired full-time. As Sue P., a Paralegal program graduate, told us, “I received my Honours diploma in Paralegal studies. I have since received my Paralegal license & started my own legal firm. Thank you to triOS and the professional faculty!”

In addition, students of the Paralegal program get real-world experience by visiting live courtrooms and tribunals and using industry-leading legal software.


5. They’re job-ready faster

triOS graduates get hired, not only because they have the skills and the experience, but also because the programs are condensed.

There’s no need to do more time in school than you need to. At triOS, they only keep you in the classroom to teach you what’s important, then you’re in a placement, working. The programs themselves are short so you can enter the workplace right away.

This combination of shorter time frames, intimate class sizes, and work experience help 85 per cent of triOS Business Administration graduates get hired full-time. Take Brooke M. who says, “I found during my time that the teachers and faculty were helpful and positive in their lessons, inside and out of the classroom. They recognized my strengths and pointed them out which helped me develop the confidence to be a stronger leader. Thank you triOS!”

triOS’s Accounting and Payroll Specialist program, in particular, teaches Simply Accounting (Sage 50)/Quickbooks and ACCPAC. Students learn the most widely-used accounting software, while also being prepared to take CPA’s Payroll Compliance Practitioner certification.



triOS graduates get hired because they’re confident and job-ready, and they know what they want. So, if you want to work in the field that you went to school for, then you should seriously take a look at triOS. It’s one of Canada’s largest private career colleges with a laser-focus on applicable, hands-on education.

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