The Best Journalism Programs in Canada

Journalism is a fast-paced and exciting industry. In a world full of fake news, there’s never been a more important time to teach people how to tell the truth.


Here are the top five Journalism programs in Canada based on the following:

–Overall quality of program

–Classes offered


–University life


Carleton University


The Carleton School of Journalism was started in 1945, making it the first journalism program in Canada.

National news anchors, war reporters, and politicians have all cut teeth there. For example, CBC host Andrew Chang and Huffington Post Canada editor-in-chief Andree Lau.

The school offers hands-on video and audio workshops. In addition, there are courses in law, ethics and history. Carleton is the first and only school to offer a Journalism and Health Sciences concentration.

Carleton is in Ottawa, Ontario. Campus is only five kilometres from Parliament Hill–the hub of Canadian politics. Huge plus!

There’s a traditional campus feel that’s just a short bus ride away from bustling city life.


Concordia University

Concordia is in Montreal, Quebec. Its journalism program offers a wide range of classes and workshops with small class sizes.

The program  highlights the benefits of speaking both national languages. Therefore, upon graduation, students will be functionally bilingual in French and English.

Outside the classroom, there is a co-op program that helps students gain experience at professional news outlets. Additionally, study abroad opportunities are available.

Concordia has two campuses. One is downtown Montreal. The other in a peaceful suburb 20 minutes away. There’s a unique mix of urban excitement and traditional campus life.


Ryerson University

Ryerson is a modern university with a career-based approach. Smack in the middle of downtown Toronto, it offers a fast-paced vibe.

This J-school is very competitive. As a result, fewer than 150 students are accepted into its undergrad program each year. To get in, you need to submit a 300-word essay and a portfolio of journalistic work. The latter is not mandatory but encouraged.

There are plenty of internship opportunities. Being in the heart of Canada’s media capital is a major plus.

The Ryerson Review of Journalism and the Ryersonian have won many media awards.


L’Université de Montréal

This is the only French program on the list. U de M is ranked among the 150 top universities in the world. It’s set in a lush, green campus along Mount-Royal.

Classes cover theory and history of media in Canada. There are also practical broadcast, print and digital workshops. Unique courses include news analysis and media entrepreneurship. Students can also gain course credit for supervised reporting projects.

Most students here speak French (although the school also offers many bilingual graduate programs). Former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and film director Denys Arcand both went here.


University of King’s College Journalism

University of King’s College is in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It offers an eight-month bachelor program that is taken on top of another degree. There is also a four-year Bachelor of Journalism Honours program. One huge draw is small class sizes.

The first two years focus on foundations of journalism. The last two focus on reporting and multimedia.

Students must complete a month-long internship at a media outlet to graduate.

The j-school is within Dalhousie University. The student body is small (805 full-time undergrads and 52 full-time grad students).

Students looking to get into the exciting world of journalism have no shortage of options. In a world riddled with fake news, it’s never been more important to train students how to tell the truth These schools are leading by example.

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