Want To Be Your Own Boss? Here’s How Olds College Can Get You There

Not everybody is cut out for the 9-to-5 life. If you have big, business dreams and want to attend a school that will support your growth, Olds College is where it’s at. As an outcomes-based institution, preparing students for entrepreneurship is one of the school’s specialties. In fact, Olds College has been offering quality hands-on education for over a century.

For all you budding entrepreneurs out there, here’s why this Alberta-based institution is the best place to learn the tools of the start-up trade.

1. Access to business experts from ideation to commercialization

Olds College is part of the Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network and the Alberta Innovation Network. These networks give students access to experienced professionals across the province to help students develop and grow their businesses. For instance, they can connect you with experts in artificial intelligence, blockchain, nano-technology, additive manufacturing and so much more. And after you’ve met with an industry expert, Olds College will provide you with hands-on training  so you can apply that technology to create a new venture.

2. Internal grants for new business ideas

Got a viable business idea but don’t have the funds to make it a reality? Olds College’s ATREK Fund helps students explore and evaluate new business concepts by offering internal grants up to $5,000 for access to Olds College expertise, facilities, and equipment for up to six months. With these resources, new entrepreneurs can quickly explore a new concept and see if they can turn it into a viable business.

For example, Olds College brewing student Alex Villeneuve applied to the ATREK fund to see if it would be possible to use spent grain, a waste byproduct from the brewing industry, to grow gourmet mushrooms. He began working with the Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI) to test his hypothesis and was able to turn his idea into a real venture: Ceres Solutions.

“In addition to helping me to establish my processes and giving me insight into the scientific side of things, partnering with OCCI has given me the opportunity to learn about how to start up and operate this business. The support of Olds College has been crucial to getting the company off the ground,” says Alex.

3. Connect with entrepreneurial-minded students

Looking to meet the Wozniak to your Jobs? Olds College recently launched an Enactus team. Enactus is a global organization that uses entrepreneurial thinking to solve global issues. Club members get the chance to tackle real-world challenges, connect with students across the country, and represent their school at regional and national events.

As you can see, when it comes to launching the next generation of entrepreneurs, few schools do it better than Olds College. With opportunities to work with real start-ups, access funding and research facilities, and connect with other business-oriented students, this school is the real deal when it comes to helping young emerging entrepreneurs strike their own path.

Oh, and we almost forgot, Olds College also has $3,000 in tuition up for grabs right now on Campus Rankings. Learn more about this incredible institution and put your name in the draw today!

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